The Three Leaf Banana Tree…

Arriving one morning with bags and barrages,
Peace and warmth felt in your lively leaves.

A glance at green leaves so fresh,
Oh ! lil plant why are you so in rush ?

Asking about it was so appreciated,
but it didn’t liked its tag of being little and unsupported.

It makes my day every day till day,
adding charm to my byes and adding love to my hi(s).

None may have seen ever
Must say to all for free,
a three leaf banana tree !

Love ‘n’ Peace To All


Even This Will Pass Away !

Lonely Days & Lonely Nights ;

Lonely is the Moon & the Lonely Sun Lights ;

Lonely Times goes & comes back;

For whom to wait for ; For whom to love ;

Awaiting for when my lonesome days will pass-by…

Even this will pass-away…


What to say , to whom to say,

what to carry, and what to care,

When all this formed and when all this collapsed,

Given all light and pushed to dark,

Given all love and got all reject,

Given all thy self and lost thy self,

When this process will end ,

What to say and to whom to say… ?

Near ones are now passed-by,

Dear ones don’t want to pass-by…

Rain… now drains,

Rain…. now pains,

Thank you for this pain and thank you for this drain,

To all those who are around, to all those whose presence has turned round,

Thank you for these times too hard,

Thank you for these times too hard to pass-by,

Thank you for making me more strong and firm,

Thank you for showing the true worth,

Thank you for showing real colors of life and thank you for making me meet my own self…

Wish… this journey… leads me to a state…

a state of being , a state of just being,

A state so pure and a state so mature,

Where I can just say…

Even this will pass away !

With Love & Peace To All

– Dhara Rawal

Tribute to my mom

My mom…..




Planning and Discipline




Seven main aspects of her comes to my mind when I remember her.

At night,

We Loved to make bed with you,

We loved to play ghoda-ghoda on your back in that bed,

We loved to hear those stories full of fun and laughter,

We loved to fight for our side of your face, (and you solve it by keeping your face straight and sleep)

I loved to sleep-on your soft tummy.

I loved to study with you.

I loved to help you in your chores.

I loved to be there in your class near you.

You are my inspiration, forever mom.

Sab Kuchh Giraa de, Sab Kuchh Mitaa De !

Samajh yahin se shuru hui hai, Apne aap se guft-e-gu hui hai…..!

Yeh pyaar nahi… jahaan  vaar hi vaar hai,

Yah pyaar nahi … jahaan na etbaar hai.

Yeh Pyaar nahi jahaan khayal nahi tera har pal,

Mange doori aur najdikiyaan sahi na jaye pal-pal.

Milne-bichhdne ki chaah giraa de,

Pyaar-mohabbat ki chaah giara de.

Maan-sammaan ki chaah giraa de,

Ek ek kar har chaah giraa de, ek ek kar chaah mitaa de,

Giraakar mita de, Mitaa de bas mitaa de…..!

Mar-mitengi chaahein jab sabhi,

Tab jo bachega vahi sahi….!

Saath jine ki kasmein-rasmein,

Kaun kiske saath jee rahaa ?

Kaun kiske saath marta hain ?


Mein aur tum ke yeh butwaarein,

Sabb giraa de, Sabb mitaa de !

Sabb- kuchh giraa de,   Sabb-kuchh mitaa de….. !

Love & Peace To All

– DR

Yeh Kya Majara hai ?

1. Yeh kya Majara hai ,

Yeh Kya Justaju Hai ,

Gam-e-Mohabbat hai…\

Ya Mohabbat-e-gam hai?


2.  Jindagi Yunhi Gawaan rahe hum-tum,

Chaand bhi bechein hai Guft-e-gu ke liye.


3. khataa ho to Kafaa hona tera,

Aapka ruthna, hamara manaana, wafaa ka hi to ishaaraa .


4. Hasratein bandha kari pal-pal hamne,

nind mein hi raat guzar gayee unki.


5. Palatkar dekhle pyar se ikbar use E-gafil,

Raftaar-e-jindagi mein phir didaar ho na ho.


6. Saath chale the Saath dene Ka Vaada Kar Kar,

Haath Chuma Tha Kisine Haathon mein Hamara haath lekar,

Raftar-e-zindagi mein woh sab kuchh bhul chale.

The Views of Firmness…

Every morning bring me new views..

Views of new beauties, views of new duties !

Views of near and views of far,

Views so grounded and views at high !

Views of those who are standing straight and firm,

even in the strong blows of winds and extreme flows of rains !

Yet those who remain still and green,

Yet those who remain pure and serene,

Yet they bestow warm wishes so clean,

Yet they relax and bestow love and peace,

Views so great to view, These views so great I knew,

O Lord!

Thank you for giving me an eye to view these VIEWS,

Thank you for my paths full of these beautiful & meaningful VIEWS,

Thank you for giving me my strengths and weaknesses,

Thank you for giving me a VIEW to all these,

Thank you for these times,

Thank you for this abundance…

An Abundance of VIEWS…


Love & Peace To All

– DR