Even This Will Pass Away !

Lonely Days & Lonely Nights ;

Lonely is the Moon & the Lonely Sun Lights ;

Lonely Times goes & comes back;

For whom to wait for ; For whom to love ;

Awaiting for when my lonesome days will pass-by…

Even this will pass-away…


What to say , to whom to say,

what to carry, and what to care,

When all this formed and when all this collapsed,

Given all light and pushed to dark,

Given all love and got all reject,

Given all thy self and lost thy self,

When this process will end ,

What to say and to whom to say… ?

Near ones are now passed-by,

Dear ones don’t want to pass-by…

Rain… now drains,

Rain…. now pains,

Thank you for this pain and thank you for this drain,

To all those who are around, to all those whose presence has turned round,

Thank you for these times too hard,

Thank you for these times too hard to pass-by,

Thank you for making me more strong and firm,

Thank you for showing the true worth,

Thank you for showing real colors of life and thank you for making me meet my own self…

Wish… this journey… leads me to a state…

a state of being , a state of just being,

A state so pure and a state so mature,

Where I can just say…

Even this will pass away !

With Love & Peace To All

– Dhara Rawal


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