Oh ! My Lovely Creator(s) ….

One Sight …. many Delights,

One Presence…and its Scent  !

Oh ! My Lovely Creator(s) ….

I feel so obliged today …

For those loving hugs with care…

For those loving hands when I fell !

For each of the breathes…And for thousand many Sheaths !

It took so long to realise, Why I am so… why I am such ?

At times you hugged and loved,

At times you scolded and slapped.

Why I failed to understand ? Why unable to perceive  ?

What was that way to teach ? What was that path, and where you want me to reach ?

Why me being so fool and cool ?

Not to get those zillion reasons behind,

Those many amusings to find…!

Today I want to tell you,

That I love you so dearly, I miss you so heartily,

I feel so sorry for each time I have disappointed and burdened you,

I feel sorry for every time I have disobeyed and dishonoured you.

The life, and the breathes, you have given will always sing in your glory

With my Head-down and hands-folded in your feet.

Please hold me tight and give me light…

Oh my loving Creators !

I am proud for being a part of yours,

I am proud to be a child of yours !

Love & Peace To All


[ Dedicated to Mummy, Pappa and Lord Ganesha ! ]






Gifts bestowed…

The charming morning songs,

The warming morning Suns,

The cool noons and the  breezy evenings….!

Gifts bestowed from You today,

Honoured and grateful,

Endowment of love,

Gifts of present and the gifts from past…

Gifted are those who hold tremendous love,

Gift of Gratitude …

The Gifts bestowed by You…!

Love & Peace To All







The Enjoyment of Abundance…..

Plenty of love…

Plenty of Care…

Plenty of Attention…

Plenty of Importance…

Plenty of Fun…

Plenty of Friendship…

Wealth of Understanding…

Wealth of Peace…

Plenty bestowed by the nature…

Plenty of  this World….!

Here is where the shoppers  STOP….

Here is where the wanters WAIT…!

What  to carry, how much to fore go..

How many to count, What many to let go… !

What is this MATTER…

And What are the MATTERS   that  matter …!

An Affluence,

An Enjoyment…

The Enjoyment in Abundance…

The Enjoyment with Abundance…

An  Enjoyment of Abundance !

A Journey Together…..  A Journey Together…. !

Love & Peace To All

– DR

Name: Dhara Rishi Gupta

I’m here in the world of web for more than 8 years now. I can say I just love to be online, work, communicate, learn and earn. My favourite SE is Google. Web Design is a vast subject of learning, where both a creator and the user can have a number of permutations and combinations in terms of visualisation and functionality. A page composed targetting a particular segment/audians is exactly what is required; as in the case of any other market product as commom as apparels, shoes, etc. A smart fit is and a target to hit the correct audians with correct content at correct a correct timing.

Designing, composing, coding and testing a can be said as the crucial phases of web-design. An application nicely designed and composed when implemented without proper testing discourages the potential end-user and thus loses the market segment. This is true the opposite way too. An application with fantastic funtionality may not make an impression without an attractive design and can be evaluated incorrectly.

Hence, any product developed for a variety of target audience needs to be well-analysed before design and development, simpler in form , use and navigation.

In the world of web, one has so many options to try out with, so many different requirements of many different segments of audience, many different subjects/markets, many different views to visualise. Its a world ever expanding.

kya dur aur paas kya ?

Kabhi dur to kabhi paas,
Kabhi paas hokar bhi dur…!

Tera na hokar bhi, hona,
Tera hokar bhi, na hona … e-gaafil…..

Kuchch to raham kar Khuda ke liye… !

Aaj to bas khatm kar har ‘fasaane’ ko…

Ik Ishaara hi de de tere “hone” ka…
fir paas kya… aur dur kya ?

Love & Peace to All
– DR

Pahunchna Kahaan ?

Laut kar aana mushkil hota…. agar yeh ehsaas na hota,

Aapko paane ki to khabar nahi…

khud ko kho chuke the hum aapmein apne aap ko

kabke !

Jab ek ho jaaye raahi aur manzil..

fir chalna kyun ?

fir pahuchna kahaan ?

fir kise hai kisko khona ?

fir kise hai kisko paana ?

Jaana kahaan …. Aur Pahuchna kahaan ?

Love & Peace To All