A mother of 3-year old, a software professional, a friend of those into existence ….

Love To All


7 thoughts on “About

  1. hello dear dhara,

    read ur blog. it is wonderful.. i never thought i had a poetess as a friend. but ur poems are full of sadness.. i dont like it. write some comedy poems for me. …… please……

    a friend of those into existence ….. that is good. but I beg to differ. too. i am not into existence. i live. not just exist….

    i live every moment of my life as it were the last one…

    “sister, this baffoon here is sinking….. give him an intracardiac adrenaline”!!!!!

    Ur one friend who would not call u as much as he thinks about u…. Kunj…..

  2. Dear Kunj,

    knew you will like it. The humour, I know you must have found out of this too.

    These are not just touchy lines written… a path walking through and trying to perceive.

    Love Always

  3. hi jadu! Wow!!!!Extremely happy to read your verses & absolutely motivated too coz I too love poetry & writing but was drowned in social matters etc. so forgot my passions since long .Feel as if life had just become a roller coaster : up, down,round & round ;but I think i’ll try to please my heart also sometime.Really very very pleased about your blog.Do keep writing and communicating .love you .

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