Oh ! My Lovely Creator(s) ….

One Sight …. many Delights,

One Presence…and its Scent  !

Oh ! My Lovely Creator(s) ….

I feel so obliged today …

For those loving hugs with care…

For those loving hands when I fell !

For each of the breathes…And for thousand many Sheaths !

It took so long to realise, Why I am so… why I am such ?

At times you hugged and loved,

At times you scolded and slapped.

Why I failed to understand ? Why unable to perceive  ?

What was that way to teach ? What was that path, and where you want me to reach ?

Why me being so fool and cool ?

Not to get those zillion reasons behind,

Those many amusings to find…!

Today I want to tell you,

That I love you so dearly, I miss you so heartily,

I feel so sorry for each time I have disappointed and burdened you,

I feel sorry for every time I have disobeyed and dishonoured you.

The life, and the breathes, you have given will always sing in your glory

With my Head-down and hands-folded in your feet.

Please hold me tight and give me light…

Oh my loving Creators !

I am proud for being a part of yours,

I am proud to be a child of yours !

Love & Peace To All


[ Dedicated to Mummy, Pappa and Lord Ganesha ! ]






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