Name: Dhara Rishi Gupta

I’m here in the world of web for more than 8 years now. I can say I just love to be online, work, communicate, learn and earn. My favourite SE is Google. Web Design is a vast subject of learning, where both a creator and the user can have a number of permutations and combinations in terms of visualisation and functionality. A page composed targetting a particular segment/audians is exactly what is required; as in the case of any other market product as commom as apparels, shoes, etc. A smart fit is and a target to hit the correct audians with correct content at correct a correct timing.

Designing, composing, coding and testing a can be said as the crucial phases of web-design. An application nicely designed and composed when implemented without proper testing discourages the potential end-user and thus loses the market segment. This is true the opposite way too. An application with fantastic funtionality may not make an impression without an attractive design and can be evaluated incorrectly.

Hence, any product developed for a variety of target audience needs to be well-analysed before design and development, simpler in form , use and navigation.

In the world of web, one has so many options to try out with, so many different requirements of many different segments of audience, many different subjects/markets, many different views to visualise. Its a world ever expanding.


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