The Mountain & The Merry-Go-Round !

A Mountain hill at far in fog,

A merry-go-round, its holding on its slope;

A fresh yellow flower watched them from far,

Said its fun to watch their love & war.

“I want to sit & go round & round,

I want to enjoy the fun-ride up & down.

I want to have that laughs & tickling,

I want to view fas greens & lighting.”

Asked the mountain to the busy merry-go-round,

It Replied with fear that I’ll fall down.

You are so big, heavy to accomodate,

I’m so small, weak to tackle that,

I’ll crack & break down, turn to pieces,

I’ll  die and be useless.

Oh ! my dear moutain, face the very fact…

Enjoy our closeness and not repeat this act.

I love you to my heart and my soul too cries for you…

You are always there to protect me from strong winds and sunlight…

I would be grateful always for that…”

Realising the truth of weight and state

The mountain smiled at the giant wheel and state….

Thank you for you very presence near to me…

I will always hold you tight in strong winds !

Love & Peace To All

– DR 


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