Four Tall Coconut Trees !!!!

Seeing from the bridge, those tall long coconut trees.

 Tall together, standing side by side,

Asked THE   little one,  “can it bend one side ?”

“Once a tree, a tall strong tree, we cannot move to relocate,

We cannot bend to greet you dear, we cannot  even hug you too.” Aswered the coconuts all together.

Asked THE little one, ” come with me and play,

We’ll run along the river banks and climb over those hills,

We’ll run behind those butterflies flying in the green.”

“Once a tree, a tall strong tree, we cannot go and run like you,

We need to be fixed here and now  to breathe continue. “Answered the coconuts all together.

Puzzled THE  little one replied after a while…

“You are four and you’re so tall (to touch the sky),

you are long and as you say you are so strong,

then why these bindings and why these limits ?

Why this unending fixes to stick ?”

The big and strong coconuts remain quiet.

THE little one jumped with an idea that clicked its mind

And said “why don’t we play together here,

Let me climb you and find this world from your high.

Be gay and lets dance together at that height.”

Love & Peace To All



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