The Process called ….Evolutions !

One being ….. Infinite evolutions…!

The process too hard to pass…

The pain too hard to encompass

Life and evolutions !

Connections and Resolutions,

Resolutions and  Evolutions

Learn to walk, learn to talk and learn to swim..

Will I ever learn to fly ?

Like Light and Sound,

Like those clouds so high,

Like those stars shining bright !

Like that space blue-white.

The paths so strange and the feel so strong,

To come out of the shell without a big-bang !

Connections & Resolutions …

Resolutions & Evolutions !

Evolutions and pain, to search existence so fresh

Evolutions and shells, to be out of any clash,

Evolutions for peace, evolutions with peace,

Evolutions for harmony, evolutions with harmony,

The process called …..”Evolutions” pass by …!

Connections & Resolutions …

Resolutions & Evolutions !

Love & Peace To All

– DR

Resolutions & Evolutions


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